Black Forest Cake Coffee Blend (250g)
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Black Forest Cake Coffee Blend (250g)

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Black Forest Cake. Who says you can't have cake in the morning? treat yourself and celebrate everyday because life is too short for bad coffee. Enjoy chocolatey-berry goodness with this fully developed espresso blend that pairs perfectly with your favorite milk. 

Origin #1: Misty Valley
Origin #2: Sitio Neptune
Process: Naturals
Roast Degree: Espresso (Medium Dark-Dark)

    Flavor notes:

    • chocolate cacao
    • Berry
    Whole Beans
    Freshly roasted on: June 2021

    Shelf life: 3-4 months
    Storage tips: 
    • Keep in an airscape canister or away from direct sunlight
    • Portions of the whole beans may be frozen
    • Candid coffee pouches are resealable and has a one seal valve. This helps optimize freshness 

    Note: The coffee blends (honey, chocolate, etc) are notes. No extracts or syrups were involved in the processing of the beans.